Good And Poor Summarizing An Article Example

summarizing an article example

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If you are looking for summarizing an article example, this page will present samples that will guide you in writing. It will help you so that you will not have such a hard time in summarizing. Read it carefully to have a basis and a guide.

The principal sentence or two of your synopsis ought to contain the creator’s proposal, or focal idea, expressed in your own words. Creating the summary of a content, or refining its basic ideas into a passage or two, is a helpful practice and also great composition practice. The summary of any kind of document is written due to many reasons.

First of all, it is created to shorten the length of a certain amount of text. Secondly, some writing pieces are required to write concisely. The summary or crux of the text is also composed to share the purpose of the story with the readers as earlier as possible. There can be numerous mistakes if you write a summary of any kind of text content. These are the errors that can be generated in it.

  • Making the writing piece concise and brief.
  • Copying the sentences without even changing any single word from it.
  • Writing the same thing repetitively.
  • Not enlisting the points that can help in summarizing the content properly.
  • Adding up the personal opinions and arguments.
  • Not following summarizing an article example.

How a Sample Can Help You

It is always easier to work knowing how the end result should look like. At least approximately. Thanks to the ever-growing collection of sample images in Google, it is really a piece of cake to find an example of anything. Summarizing is not an exception. That’s why we’ve collected a few different samples of article summary so that you could see different perspectives and get a better idea of what is required.

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How to Summarize Properly

An outline has two points: (1) to imitate the all-encompassing thoughts in a content, distinguishing the general ideas that go through the whole piece, and (2) to express these all-encompassing thoughts utilizing exact, particular dialect. Creating the content’s summary, or refining its basic ideas into a passage or two, is a helpful report device and in addition great composition practice. Here are a few strategies for condensing: First, preceding skimming, utilize a portion of the reviewing systems.

  • Incorporate the title and distinguish the creator in your first sentence. Rather, it might be step by step created all through the piece or it might turn out to be completely evident just toward the end. The primary sentence or two of your outline ought to contain the creator’s proposition, or focal idea, expressed in your very own words.
  • Partition the article into areas on the off chance that it isn’t done in the distributed shape. While outlining a more drawn out article, attempt to perceive how the different stages in the clarification or contention are developed in gatherings of related sections. At that point, compose a sentence or two to cover the key thoughts in each segment.
  • When all is said in done, preclude minor subtle elements and particular precedents. (In a few messages, an all-inclusive model might be a key piece of the contention, so you would need to make reference to it).
  • Exclude thoughts that are not by any stretch of the imagination integral to the content. Try not to feel that you should recreate the creator’s correct movement of thought.
  • To dodge literary theft, take a stab at composing the main draft of your rundown without glancing back at the first content. Be mindful so as not to steal the creator’s words. In the event that you do utilize even a couple of the creator’s words, they should show up in quotes.

Abstain from composing suppositions or individual reactions in your outlines (spare these for dynamic perusing reactions or instructional exercise talks). Try to follow article summary examples too.

Examples of Article Summaries from Accounting and Finance Assignment

Executive Summary

This article provides an evaluation, as well as analysis of prospective and current liquidity, profitability and financial stability of the Outdoor Equipment Ltd.Methods of analysis, include horizontal, vertical and trend analyses and ratios like current, quick and debt ratios. Some of the calculations include total assets, rates of return on shareholder equity as well as earnings per share


Results of the data analyzed shows that ratios are below the industry average. In particular, performance is poor in areas of liquidity, profit margins, inventory management, and credit control.


This article finds that the prospects of the company in its current position are negative. Major areas of weakness require remedial action and further investigation.


Recommendations include:

  • To improve the average  collection period for accounts that are received
  • To increase or improve inventory turnover
  • To reduce pre-payments inventory levels


The report shows that the analysis conducted has limitations. Some of it includes forecasting figures and economic conditions such as monthly details.

Subject matter




Methods of analysis



















Limitations of the report


You should not forget to rephrase your work. Luckily, you can paraphrase online and save your time.

You can still find examples of article summaries on the internet and it will be your guide to making a good summary. It is better when you know the sections you need to be focused on. You should also make notes on the things that you will read.  This is a good summary of the article and it only becomes poor when it is not written effectively or when it does not contain the important details.

It is important to proofread your work carefully, so if you need to revise my research paper, essay or article, then you should utilize any possible opportunity. To sum it up, you can follow the sections to have a guide in summarizing. With it, you have a good summary. Or you can check this how to summarize an article example.

How Important It Is to Know about Summarizing

Many examples of article summaries show the art of summarizing the content like a pro. But it is not just enough to go through the examples. You are also supposed to spend some time on the practice as well. This standard guarantees that an author will utilize his arrangement of words without totally changing the thought behind the content. The capacity to summarize is a critical aptitude. Despite the fact that changing the expressions of the content does not really imply that the individual needs to change every last expression of the sentence, yet it is a tradition that a man doesn’t utilize in excess of three words from a solitary column.

It is done to reduce the length of the given text work. The difficulty of summarizing actually depends upon the length of the document. If it is based on 4 pages and requires to be distilled within a page, then this may create a difficult for you with no doubt. Try to enlist the main points that have to be included in the crux of the essay/article/story or whatever you have to write. You just have to focus on keeping the similar meaning of the content. Making any adaptation can lead to the refusal of your work. Or it may require some amendments as well. So, it is better to know the importance of summarizing first. This will definitely be quite beneficial for you and result in good outcomes.

If you want to learn more, there are tips on the internet that you can check out. You should not waste your time and start summarizing today!