Paraphrase Example

What Is Paraphrasing and Why Do You Need It?

Paraphrasing is the process through which you repeat what someone else has written or spoken in your own words while still fully repeating the meaning. Unlike summarizing which will only repeat the main points of a piece of writing and reduce its length significantly, paraphrasing seeks to repeat all of the points and will result in something of a similar length to the original.

We use paraphrasing for the following reasons:

  • To show that we fully understand something that has been said or written
  • To improve on something that has been poorly worded
  • To simplify something that is overly complicated or using unnecessary language
  • To target a completely different audience
  • To avoid any possible issues with plagiarism or copying

The problem is that it can actually be far more difficult than people expect to be able to paraphrase which is why it can be very helpful to have access to a paraphrase example to help you understand how to do it.

How Can a Paraphrase Example Help You?

Paraphrasing examples can clearly demonstrate to you how to go about paraphrasing everything from a simple sentence or paragraph to include within a bigger research paper through to paraphrasing whole papers and other documents. A paraphrasing example can show you exactly how you maintain the original ideas while creating a unique and well-written piece of writing in your very own words. A good example of paraphrasing will be able to show you how to repeat the meaningfully in original words of your own without:

  • Missing any of the original points raised
  • Without adding additional information or comment
  • Without repeating large amounts of the original text
  • Falling foul of problems with plagiarism

Our Paraphrase Example Will Help You to Understand Paraphrasing

Our expertly written paraphrasing sample will allow you to see that paraphrasing is not just working through each sentence and swapping individual words for their synonyms as a piece of cheap software would do it. Software does not provide meaningful paraphrasing as it does not understand the meaning of the writing and the context within which each word is used; this is why software will invariably produce meaningless text. A paraphrasing example written by our experts is not produced in this manner as paraphrasing is about understanding and then repeating the meaning; not just working through swapping words for others with the same meanings.

Learn Paraphrasing through Our Paraphrase Example Site

By using our well-written paraphrasing examples and paraphrasing tips on this site you can start to understand how a real expert would go about paraphrasing writing and will be able to develop your own skills with paraphrasing. Our paraphrase example site is here to provide you with all of the guidance that you need to learn how to paraphrase perfectly and quickly.

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