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Summarizing a journal is not hard when you know the rules. Summarizing is a common task that is given to students and you need to effectively know about it so that you can able to convince your readers and you can provide the needed information.

How to Summarize a Journal Article

  • Read the abstract: Abstracts are short paragraphs that are written by author and mostly it is 100 to 200 words. It provides a short summary of the original source. The purpose of it is to scan the journal quickly. Try to read journal article summary example to gain ideas.
  • Understand the context of research: Ensure that you know what the author will discuss. With this, you can able to know what quotes, data and arguments you need to pick out and what you need to analyze in writing a summary.
  • Skip the conclusion: You need to skip the conclusion but you need to find out the main topic and to learn where the arguments and outlines will be leading.
  • Identify the main position or argument of the article: In order to avoid reading the journal for multiple times, you need to know the main argument the first time you read it. You need to make notes or highlight the main ideas.
  • Scan the argument: Researching some tips on how to summarize a journal article example will help you. You will know that you need to read the journal article and get the key concepts as well as ideas.
  • Take notes while you read: The key to have a good summary is about efficiency. You should read actively and focus also on the sub-section titles. You need to be focus and make notes on the introduction, methodology, research results as well as to the conclusion.

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The tips presented above will help you a lot and will give you knowledge on what things you need to do. Make sure to remember and to know how to apply it correctly to avoid errors.