Well-Done Example of Paraphrasing A Poem

Image credit: selectsecurity.com

Image credit: selectsecurity.com

In paraphrasing a poem, it is essential to consider some things. First, you need to ask yourself on what you should do, or ask paraphrase service UK for the help. Anyway, here are helpful tips to follow.

Paraphrasing a Poem Example With Tips

  • Before you start paraphrasing poems, ensure that you’re familiar with the message. If you don’t, you need to read it again until you get what it says.
  • When you are sure that you know the message and you completely understand it, keep away your copy and try to recite it using your own words. Imagine the message in your head so that you can effectively paraphrase it.
  • The next step is to get a piece of paper and a pen and write the thoughts that you imagined. Be sure that you are not taking a look at the original source to avoid copying words or phrases from it.
  • What you have written will serve as your first draft and you can continue to make lots of drafts when you are not contented. If you think that what you have written is different from the original poem, get rid of it and write another poem that matches the meaning of it.

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Example of Paraphrasing a Poem

Original text:

I am the darker sister.
They send me to eat in our kitchen

Company comes,

But I laugh,

And just eat well,

And grow strong.


Paraphrase text:

I am like you and we are not different.

I can also eat at table with different people.

My darker complexion makes me beautiful than everybody else.

With paraphrasing a poem example, you have a guide. It is important than when you are paraphrasing, you get the meaning and the points. If you don’t, you can never deliver a good poem with same meaning. You can’t get started unless you fully understand the message of the poem that is why it is suggested that you read it for multiple times to ensure that you understand it completely. To understand the whole process, feel free to review an example of paraphrasing sentences.

If you are ready to write, do not be tempted to look at the original source instead remember it in your mind to make a different version with same meaning.