Examples of Paraphrasing Sentences That Work for You

Learn to Paraphrase by Reviewing Examples of Paraphrasing Sentences

Students as well as others will often find it necessary to paraphrase sentences in their writing. Paraphrasing is using another person’s ideas by writing them in your own words, without changing the meaning of the original.


There are several different mistakes that you can make while paraphrasing that could cause you problems including:

  • Not changing the wording that is used. Words should be changed unless essential to conveying the meaning the original author intended.
  • Changing words that cause the original meaning of the sentence to change. When substituting one word for another be sure the context the word is used in doesn’t change the meaning of the sentence.
  • Not changing the sentence structure. When paraphrasing, change both the structure and wording of the sentence to ensure a proper paraphrase.

Looking at a paraphrase sentence example can be useful in learning how to paraphrase.

Examples of Paraphrasing Sentences and Some Paraphrasing Tips

 paraphrase sentence exampleParaphrasing sentences becomes easier with practice. To help with the learning process, here are a few useful online paraphrasing tips:

  • Look at the sentence as a whole, rather than on a word by word basis. It is important to know what the original writer meant before you can provide a good paraphrase. Just swapping a word with a synonym may result in changing the meaning of the sentence.
  • When writing the paraphrased sentence, don’t look at the original. This makes it easier to write the sentence in your own words.
  • An example of paraphrase sentence text compared with the original can provide you with a good idea how to paraphrase correctly.

Some Examples of Paraphrasing Sentences Are Shown Here:

Original – Pouring hydroxide peroxide on a cutting board made of wood will kill salmonella and other bacteria.
Paraphrase – Bacteria on a wooden cutting board, including salmonella, can be eradicated by pouring hydrogen peroxide on it.
Original – Symptoms of the flu include fever and nasal congestion.
Paraphrase – Stuffiness and elevated temperature are signs of the flu.
Original – Every year, thousands of tourists visit Niagara Falls.
Paraphrase – Niagara Falls is visited by thousands of people every year.
Original – Michelangelo painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.
Paraphrase – It was Michelangelo who painted the Sistine Chapel’s ceiling.
Original – The tornado hit the town.
Paraphrase – The town has damaged by the cyclone.
Original – Flu symptoms include nasal congestion and fever.
Paraphrase – High temperature and a stuffy feeling are signs of flu.
Original – He needs to throw a lot of things.
Paraphrase – He has a lot of stuff to get rid of.
Original – This brand has been preferred by most professional plumbers.
Paraphrase – Majority of the professional plumbers choose this brand on top of the others.
Original – At a cruise, you can enjoy the natural scenery.
Paraphrase – You would love to see natural vistas during a cruise.
Original – This product can breakdown excess body fat, thus help in shedding some pounds.
Paraphrase – This product can help you lose weight by getting rid of unnecessary fat in your body.
Original – Uploading a YouTube video can help your business be exposed even further to the online community.
Paraphrase – Your business will highly be exposed to the online world if you post your video on YouTube.

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