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Online paraphrasing assistance

paraphrase assistanceThere are a number of reasons for people to paraphrase online. It may be to meet academic criteria in order to reference another person’s work in their own paper, to provide a better or simpler version of the original or to target another audience. In many cases they will turn to an online service to get paraphrasing help. Although there are many companies promoting online paraphrasing services, few if any can offer the range of services or the quality our paraphrasing service provides.


We offer more than online paraphrasing assistance

Our online paraphrasing services actually cover three main categories that are often confused with each other. Services we provide will fall into one of the following three areas:

paraphrase help onlineParaphrasing – Paraphrasing is taking the ideas of another and writing them in your own words, while retaining the original meaning. Paraphrasing isn’t just a matter of swapping out one word for another with the same meaning. The context that words are used in must be taken into consideration as context often changes the meaning of words. A proper paraphrase also involves restructuring the original text. Paraphrased text shouldn’t omit ideas contained in the original version or add anything new. The wording and structure of paraphrased text will be completely different from the original, but convey the same ideas. In most instances the original author should be cited and credited.

paraphrase online serviceSummarizing – People often confuse summarizing with paraphrasing. A summary is a condensed version of the original content, in your own words, that will only convey the main points contained in the original. Summaries should be written with no opinion or bias to remain true to the original meaning. The original author should also be given credit in the summary.

paraphrasing help onlineRewording – Rewording is similar to paraphrasing, but is usually performed for the original author. In most cases rewording is requested to improve their original text or so a reworded version can be used as new content. Rewording text doesn’t require citing references. The reworded version should retain the original meaning just as with paraphrasing.

While they are similar, paraphrasing, summarizing and rewording are not the same and require different approaches. Unfortunately many of those companies that offer paraphrasing services don’t know the difference, which could easily result in problems.

Advantages of using our online paraphrasing service

  • There are many advantages to using our service for paraphrasing, summarizing and rewording tasks. Advantages include:
  • Professional writers with college degrees working with you. All of our writers have extensive experience with paraphrasing as well outstanding academic credentials.
  • Free proofreading and plagiarism checks on every job we provide.
  • Professionally written summarizing, rewording and paraphrase example so you can see the difference yourself.
  • Guarantee of complete customer satisfaction on every job.

When you need online paraphrasing help, contact us and receive assistance from the best qualified writers in the business.