How To Paraphrase Quote Example

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In quoting, you need to use the exact wording of the original text. With it, you need to enclose it by using quotation marks and you are required to give credit to the author to avoid plagiarism. Here are tips to remember.

Paraphrase Quote Example And Tips

You must quote:

  • When providing exact wording or rulings, edicts and laws
  • When citing scientific and mathematical formulas
  • When statement is hypothetical, for example: subject to refutation or confirmation
  • When the words of the author is absolutely important, for example: if the words of the author are memorable, unique or hard to rephrase
  • Brackets: Sometimes it’s essential to change/add words to make it appropriate. You use the brackets when you have changed or added words.
  • Ellipsis: Ellipsis is a three spaced dots (…) that is used in omitting words from quote. When you need to use ellipsis, you need to use 3 dots plus period at the end of your sentence.

Guidelines for Quoting

  • Do not just quote and then run
  • Introduce a quote with signal word. Make a signal to the reader that a quote is to be used and it is important that you indicate the words you’re quoting. Here are verbs you can use in integrating quotes:
    • Acknowledges
    • Declares
    • Remarks
    • Responds
    • States
    • Writes
    • Describes
    • Agrees

Paraphrase Quote Example

  • May says…
  • As John declares.
  • …concludes May.
  • John acknowledges that…
  • May describes…

In online paraphrasing, you need to know what you should do. It is not necessary to paraphrase all information. With that in mind, here are additional tips.

  • You must paraphrase lengthy discussions in reducing the discussions but be careful that you should not distort the original meaning
  • Paraphrasing boring factual data
  • Do not paraphrase essential facts that mostly appear in other sources. You should know what is unique and what it not.

With example of paraphrasing help quote, you should remember what you should eliminate and what you should not. If you already know what you will do, you can start paraphrasing now but be sure that you remember all the rules.

Never forget the guidelines because it is useful whenever you need to paraphrase.

And if you have problems paraphrasing a poem, we can give you a few pieces of advice and a proper example of paraphrasing a poem can save you a lot of time.