FAQs On How Do You Paraphrase

How do you paraphrase a sentence?

Paraphrasing a sentence begins with understanding what the author meant to say. Look at the sentence as a whole, rather than on a word by word basis. The meaning of many words will be determined by the context they are used in, so paraphrasing word by word should be avoided. Once you have determined what the author is saying, write the sentence in your own words without looking at the original. Compare your sentence to the original. It should convey the exact same meaning. If too many of the same words are used, they will have to be changed unless they are essential to convey the exact idea the author intended. Sentence structure should also change, as long as it can be altered without changing meaning. Knowing how to paraphrase a sentence is the basis for paraphrasing longer text.
How do you paraphrase a paragraph?

Understanding what the paragraph says is the first step in how to paraphrase a paragraph. Once you thoroughly understand the meaning, write the paragraph in your own words, without referring to the original. Compare your version to the original to ensure original meaning is retained. Paragraphs should be restructured when possible by reordering sentences. This in turn will require doing some sentence restructuring and using different words. Revise and edit looking for words and phrases that are too close to the original. Make necessary changes that don’t alter the original meaning in any way. Include the appropriate citations crediting the original author.
How do you paraphrase an article?

The best way how to paraphrase an article is read it for comprehension. Note key points as you read using your own words. Write the article in your own words, referring only to the list of key points you made. When possible cover key points in a different order as long as the original meaning doesn’t change. Compare the restructured version making changes to words and structure if needed. Revise and edit as you would with any article and provide the citations crediting the original author. Restructuring becomes easier with practice.
How do you paraphrase a website?

The methods for how to paraphrase a website are the same as those for sentence, paragraph and article paraphrasing. Resist any urge to just copy and paste. When referencing a website source, citations should include the author (if provided), year written, title information, date retrieved and the URL. Using our online paraphrasing service is an excellent method for how to meet any of your text paraphrasing requirements.
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