Learn How to Paraphrase a Paragraph Online

We all at some point in life have faced the situation when you’re accused of copying someone’s work. For example, the teacher says that you’ve copied you classmate’s essay. But you know that you didn’t. It appears that you both written it off from the same source. Auch, awkward. However, if both of you paraphrased the content, this misunderstanding could have been avoided. Whether it is a school essay, a speech or even book writing, paraphrasing can help you out.

Choosing the Best Way to Paraphrase a Paragraph

paraphrase a paragraph

To paraphrase a paragraph is now made easy with some of the best online tools you will find on this list. Before you would have to reword text manually—a time-consuming task to do. Check out the following for a list of sites that can reword your paragraphs online and give you some additional paraphrasing tips:

  1. Article Rewriter: It is a paraphrasing service online that can reword your paragraph and keep the meaning of the original text. It is an intelligent paraphrase service used by students and writers in preventing issues on plagiarism.
  2. Sentence Changer: This website will help you paraphrase sentences without loosing the correct sentence structure, no matter simple sentence it is or complex.
  3. Complex Sentence Generator: This can convert your paragraph without any hassles because it can provide you with accurate results in terms of rewriting your sentences and paragraphs. It can reword content, words and articles, among other types of content online or offline. It can deliver you with the same meaning but avoid plagiarism.
  4. Plagiarism Remover: With this one, you can be sure that you’re writing will be 100% original and unique. If you decide to order paraphrasing from this service, they’ll provide you with plagiarism report to confirm the authenticity of the writing.
  5. Small SEO Tools’ Article Rewriter: This smart tool is used by many online marketers who want to come up with different versions of their blogs and articles. All you have to do is to copy and then paste your text. You can also check out a sample on how it works.
  6. Paragraph Changer: Another reliable paraphrasing service that can help you out. They are able to assisst you with any type of writing: from simple essays to business documents.
  7. Caligonia: This is a paragraph reworder that you can use without any problems, too. However, make sure that you include <P> so that it can bring you results with the correct format of your paragraphs. It is used by many professionals and students who want to come up with a new version or several versions of their text for school or for work.
  8. Rewording.net: If you’re in need of writing services to rewrite your content, this is the place to go. The service has been prooved to be top-quality, judging by the positive feedback from clients.
  9. EZ Rewrite: This is another top tool to depend on for when it comes to paraphrasing service online. It can help you come up with new versions of an original blog or article as well as of term papers and essays. Check it out and see how it can help you today!
  10. Rewording.org: This one offers you a great deal. Not only you have the access to their free online tool at any time, anywhere, but also you can order professional manual paraphrasing. It’s up to you to choose what you desire!

There you have a list of services to paraphrase a paragraph that you can make use of so that you can spin text while keeping it original meaning.

What You Need to Know before Paraphrasing

Before starting with your paraphrasing, there are some things you should take into consideration concerning plagiarism:

  • A mix of credited and unaccredited sources can result in plagiarism.
  • Citing generic information isn’t considered plagiarism.
  • Hyperlinking is not a desirable form of citation.
  • Including too much cited text is a bad practice, plus all cited information has to be relevant.
  • Information from public domains and sources without author name also requires citing.

Keep all these things in mind and you’ll be up to creating a flawless paraphrasing.

You don’t have to worry about plagiarism issues because these services have a wide vocabulary base and intelligent system to ensure that your text still make sense and it has the original meaning of the first version!