Become Paraphrase Expert by Learning from These Paraphrasing Exercises

10 Paraphrase Exercises to Test Your Skills

The best way to practice paraphrasing is to find paraphrase examples and do paraphrasing exercises regularly. Step-by-step you will get the essence of this process and learn how to keep the meaning of the sentence by not copying the existing words but with the help of sentence restructuring and synonyms/antonyms as well as relevant quibbles. With these 10 questions, you have a chance to try your powers. The questions and answers are built the following way: you will be given a sentence, a sentence fragment or a word. Your task is to find the best variant to paraphrase it correctly.

Recommended time limit: 2-3 minutes.

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If you found a good source and you want to make it your own, paraphrasing may help. This activity will help you convert someone else ideas into your own words. However, this process is tricky, which is why you may want to get started with looking for some tips on how to paraphrase. These exercises are good practices to improve your rewording skills. Check them out.

Practice Paraphrasing Help

paraphrase exercises

  1. Purdue: This website is a good source for grammar and related information and activities. You will find good paraphrase exercises that can enhance your ability of rewording paragraphs or sentences. Get started by checking them out today!
  2. DLS Web: Using this source, you can practice paraphrasing without any hassles. All you need to do is to complete the activities and improve your rewording skills. You can repeat the exercises until you are fully satisfied with the outcome of your effort.
  3. GSI Berkeley: Here, you will find simple paraphrasing exercises, which are going to help with your activity. You can find passages and get to decide whether they are acceptable or unacceptable paraphrasing results. You can check them out and start with paraphrasing with these simple activities.
  4. UEFAP: On this page, you will find many exercises related to rephrasing. They are categorized into reading and writing, note-taking and text reconstruction. Check out this brilliant source where to find various rewording activities, which are going to take your knowledge and skills in writing to the next level.
  5. Central WA: This is a rich PDF file where to find numerous activities in paraphrasing. It is also a good place to start if you have just begun mastering this activity. Check out this source and practice paraphrasing today!

Use Paraphrase Exercises and Learn

By using these sources, you will be able to improve what you already know in the task of rewording sentences and paragraphs. You don’t have to master it at first try though because continuous practice can help you in mastering it. There are many others sources to try that you can make use of, study rewording, and practice it at the same time.

Practice your paraphrasing skills with these exercises and become a master!