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When you understand that “I need to rewrite my essay” you focus mostly on the content and the importance of the correct formatting may slip away. However, it is one of the most important parts of the work, since if the format is incorrect, the chances are that your paper wouldn’t even be read. The most required format is APA (American Psychological Association). The style was developed by social and behavioural scientists in order to standardize scientific writing. Everything, from headings to spacing, has to be formatted according to the established requirements that you can find in APA Citation Guide.

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On this page paraphrasing services present APA paraphrasing examples that will guide you. It will be useful when you do not know what you need to do. Check it out to know more information and to avoid committing mistakes.

APA Paraphrase Example

  • APA paraphrase citation example: When you need to quote, you should add the author, the year as well as specific page citation or the paragraph number especially for non-paginated material. You also need to add complete reference in your reference list.
  • According to Sam & Samuel (2004) “medical needs are met in medical disciplines” (p. 114). “Medical needs are met by people in medical disciplines” (Sam & Samuel, 2004, p.114).
  • Me and You (2006) suggest the need for new “intellectual framework to consider form and nature of regulation in the cyberspace” (para. 5).

apa paraphrasing sample apa paraphrasing example

Quotations of forty or over start on new line and must be indented about half an inch from the left margin. Keep in mind that quotation marks must be removed. The 1st line of paragraphs that are added must be indented with an additional half inch. It is essential to cite the source, the page and paragraph number after the final punctuation mark.
  • Citing Paraphrase (1 work by 1 author): The author- date of citation requires the surname of author as well as publication year. It must be inserted in the text at appropriate point: John (2005) found that… Early onset results in severe (John, 2005). In 2005, John’s study about epidemiological showed that… include the year in text citation.
  • (Work by multiple authors): When the text has 2 authors, cite both names each time that the reference will occur in the text. When a text has 3 to 5 authors, cite all the authors the 1st time it will occur in the following citations, cite the surname only of the 1st author followed by et al. Me, You, John, and May (2004) found… (use it as 1st). Me, et al. (2004) found… (use it as subsequent 1st citation for each paragraph.)

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With APA paraphrase example, you will never go wrong because you already have a guide. What you need to remember is the sequence to avoid mistakes.

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