Paraphrase Example Sentence: Tips & Tricks

paraphrase example sentence

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If you need to paraphrase but you are not sure of what you will do, this page presents tips. Paraphrasing is taking original text by using your own words structure and choices. Read this to learn more tips and to have a guide. After that, you may visit also this website if you are interested in proper sentences and properly written projects as well.

You can back up your contentions by either citing or summarizing or by free punctuation checker. When composing your own article/paper, you are endeavouring to pass on your thoughts and musings about a specific subject. Rewording likewise gives you more opportunity on how you need to pass on precisely the same thoughts, yet in a way that suits your composition. By summarizing, you’re demonstrating that you comprehend the contention from the source you’re alluding to.

For instance, on the off chance that you need your composition to suit a more broad crowd, you may need to disentangle an area particular contention which will appear to be more reasonable to a general gathering of people. You must have the paraphrasing skills. Honestly, we face the need for self-paraphrasing skills uncountable times in a life. Many times, we are only required to rephrase a paragraph or a few lines for which it’s not possible to hire a professional rephrasing expert.

  • The skill of paraphrasing can be developed through consistent practice. If you spend a mere 30 minutes in learning the paraphrasing techniques daily, you’ll definitely see the difference in personal skills of rewriting. It is not a hard job and practice is the only key to success to become a good paraphraser.
  • You need to follow the example of paraphrasing sentences to do better.
  • The video tutorials also seem helpful in this regard. All you have to do is to focus on exploring more while learning about the rewording and its techniques.

How to Paraphrase a Sentence Example

Here is a paraphrase example sentence for you.

Original: She was highly concerned about the health of her father after arriving from Canada.

Paraphrased: Her father’s health left her worried when she returned back.

Well, you need to study the more tips for the better improvement in paraphrasing. The tips and tricks mostly tell about the personal experiences of the experts. So, you shouldn’t ignore them at all. When you start to paraphrase any passage, there should be its main tips in your mind.

  • Know what paraphrasing means: Paraphrasing is taking original source by using your own words. You need to express the author’s ideas in a different way. In paraphrasing, you need to give credit to the author but by using your own words.
  • Know the difference between summarizing and paraphrasing: Paraphrasing is different from summarizing. Both of them need to be written with y using different words but in summarizing, you can use the same phrase just like the original.

For example:

Original: The fox is stalking its prey in moonlight in its bright eyes and large ears.

Example of paraphrasing sentences: The fox is surveying the place using its night vision and spectacular hearing.

  • Paraphrasing doesn’t mean to make the text shorter: In summarizing, you need a shorter version but it is not in paraphrasing. Sometimes, you can have a slightly longer version in paraphrasing compared to the original version.
  • Change original word choice: You need to change the words when paraphrasing.
  • Use thesaurus with your word choice: You can use the thesaurus to help you in getting the right words to use in paraphrasing. You need to be careful in using words because they may have the same pronunciation but different meaning. For example, protest and grumble have same meanings but have different connotations. Protest can be connected to politics but grumble is not.
  • Change the structure of the paragraph: Use different structure to lead your readers through the main ideas.

Here is some more useful advice for you:

  • Scribble down notes to clarify the primary purposes of the section.
  • Read the section painstakingly with the goal that you completely comprehend it.
  • Check and edit to guarantee that it is adequately unique.
  • Modify utilizing your notes not the first.
  • Do not change the actual word count of the length of the document. Reducing or increasing a single paragraph is even not suggested to do.
  • Do not replace the synonyms with the wrong or irrelevant words. Choose the better alternatives of the words.
  • Do it daily if you are not good at rewriting. Yes, practice is the only solution to grow your paraphrasing skills more. Otherwise, you’ll end up in asking others for the help.

To make your paper unique, you can use our rewrite essay service and get help right away. Whenever you are having a hard time in paraphrasing, you can check out an example of paraphrasing sentences to see how it is written or structured. It will help you a lot in getting started. You can always follow our additional paraphrasing tips.

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Dos and Don’ts of Paraphrasing

We usually search for the things to do and not to do in writing (turning a copied article into an original piece). This search takes to the people into making in-depth searches on the internet. Here is the list that may help you in knowing something better about rephrasing.


  • Use synonyms
  • Use compensatory strategies
  • Change the structure of a sentence
  • Cite the source when you can’t paraphrase
  • Do understand the purpose of paraphrasing.
  • Do understand when to quote and when to paraphrase.
  • Do understand the text you are paraphrasing.
  • Rewrite with your personal unique style. It can be learned by following some helpful tutorials.


  • Leave out the information
  • Plagiarise
  • Change the original meaning
  • Include your own opinion
  • Try not to start paraphrasing by picking up a thesaurus.
  • Try not to paraphrase too closely.
  • Try not to copy without quotation marks.

It has a more prominent reason, it demonstrates that you’ve comprehended the writing regarding your matter and can express it obviously to your peruser. In a rundown, summarizing isn’t just swapping a couple of words, it is taking thoughts and clarifying them utilizing diverse words and a very surprising sentence structure. At the end of the day, appropriate summarizing demonstrates that you’re educated as well as that you know about the thoughts in your field, and it empowers you to help your own exploration with in-content references.

Also, knowing paraphrasing tips is a big help because you have a guide to follow. You will know what you need to do and what you should avoid. Start paraphrasing now!