About How to Paraphrase Workflow

The Best Way How to Paraphrase Text

how to paraphraseThere are many situations where knowing how to paraphrase different types of text can be useful. Students often need to paraphrase resources used in papers, researchers have to paraphrase sources, and many websites and blog owners paraphrase their content in order to reuse it. Regardless of what or why you are paraphrasing, the basic steps in the paraphrasing process are essentially the same:



  • Read the original text and make sure you completely understand what it means.
  • Restructure and reword the original text in your own words, without changing the meaning of the original text.
  • Compare the paraphrased version to the original to ensure it is sufficiently different in structure and wording, and that the meaning remains the same.
  • As an alternative, you can have our paraphrasing help service handle all of the steps in paraphrasing for you.

Our Paraphrasing Qualifications

When a customer asks us to “help me paraphrase” a concern they often have is what qualifies us to paraphrase text for them. The answer is our writers. Our professional writers are the best in the business, and that is the reason we use them. Every writer our paraphrasing service uses must meet our minimum qualification standards which include:

help me paraphraseCollege degree – All of our writers have college degrees related to writing, and many of them possess a master or PhD degree.

help me paraphrase fastNative English level skills – Every writer we use is either a native English speaker or has English skills at the level of a native English speaker.

help me paraphrase onlineExperience – Our writers must have verifiable experience with paraphrasing text before we consider them.

To reword and restructure several pages of text without changing the meaning isn’t easy. Doing this when paraphrasing online text tailored for SEO and ensuring that it still reads well requires special skills. Our writers accomplish this on a regular basis. We review our writers constantly to make sure they maintain the high standards and quality we expect.

Advantages of Using Our Professional Paraphrasing Service

Our writers are at the top of the field, but there is more to providing a great online paraphrasing service than having good writers. Some of the other ways we work to provide the best available paraphrasing service include:

  • Guaranteed proofreading and plagiarism check for every paper we provide you with
  • Guarantee of full satisfaction with our paraphrasing services
  • Low rates and regular discounts
  • Easy ordering and paying process
  • Customer support available around the clock

The best way how to paraphrase text or get any other paraphrasing help is by contacting us for all of your paraphrasing needs.